Product catalogue

  • Frying pans

    Frying & sauté pans

    We offer a wide selection of frying pans, saute pans, omelet and crepe pans of different sizes and in a range of materials and non-stick coatings.

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  • Sauce pans


    Saucepans Choose from our selection of high quality stainless steel, hard anodized, diamond reinforced non stick, titanium or copper saucepans from leading

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  • Stockpots

    Casserole & stockpots

    A range of deep casseroles, stock pots and stew pots in gleaming stainless steel, super tough non-stick titanium or beautiful colored flame-top ceram...

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  • Wok

    Woks, Paella & Two-Handled Fry Pans

    We offer an exciting range of paella pans, two-handled pans and woks in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and diamond reinforced non-stick.

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  • Pasta setSteamers, Pasta & Asparagus Pans

    We offer you an extensive range of steamers, asparagus pots and pasta cookers in traditional stainless steel.

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  • Kitchen utensils

    Kitchen accessories

    A superb collection of kitchen utensils and gadgets ranging from asparagus peelers to zesters via ballers, choppers, crushers, corers, mashers, peelers, slicers, stoners, strainers and many more.

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What else we have

  • Whistling kettle

    whistling kettles

    We offer a wide range of Kettle products, fantastic value, fun color, whistling kettle, dome shaped stainless steel, high quality 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel 4mm bonded base for even heat distribution...

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  • Kitchen kinvies

    Kitchen Knives set

    A complete selection of Kitchen Knives & Knife Sets, bring innovative excellence to a cutting edge line of professional cutlery. Hand-crafted to the most exacting standards, these knives will be the best and last you'll ever buy. The blade stays sharp and is stain and rust resistant. The innovative glass finished edge provides a smooth edge, perfectly angled for a cleaner, sharper cut.

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best sellers

Stainless steel stockpotsStainless steel stockpots & casseroles

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel stockpots & casseroles both for commercial and home use... Find out more»

Stainless Steel sauté pans

Stainless Steel frying & sauté pansOur Stainless Steel sauté pans have the high sides which are ideal for sautéing, containing food effectively, and can hold liquids like simmer sauces, gravies and even water for boiling food... Find out more »

Stainless steel woks

Check out our quality stylish stainless steel woks, vegetables, meat or fish can be prepared at high temperature both healthily and gently. A must in every kitchen, and not only for Asian dishes. Find out more »