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Kitchen equipment

  • onion peeling machine

    onion peeling machine

    This onion peeling machine operates convenient and high capacity. Using pneumatic principle, dry, fully automatic digital control, and there is no restriction for the size and the variety of the onion... Read details»
  • Brush washing machine

    Brush washing machine

    Using “T” shape brush that R&D” by our company, can wash the surface and groove or other difficult cleaning part throughly, at the same time, there are water columns spraying from top water pipe, to clean tand remove the surface dirt on vegetable....Read details»
  • Potato Slicing machine

    Potato Slicing machine

    This machine mainly to the root-stock vegetables processing, such as: potatoes, taro,
    sweet potatoes, potatoes, eggplant etc undertake slice, silk, bars, butyl shape....Read details»

best sellers

Stainless steel stockpotsStainless steel stockpots & casseroles

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel stockpots & casseroles both for commercial and home use... Find out more»

Stainless Steel frying & sauté pansStainless Steel frying & sauté pans

Our Stainless Steel sauté pans have the high sides which are ideal for sautéing, containing food effectively, and can hold liquids like simmer sauces, gravies and even water for boiling food... Find out more »