Shipping information

The shipping method depends on your locations. we will ship the goods either from our factory or from our storages.

Factory-Direct (FOB) Items

Shipped directly from the factory (FOB, or Freight-On-Board), are billed an additional cost for shipping and handling. FOB shipping charges may depend on destination as well as weight. Please allow additional time for delivery. Some items shipped directly from the factory may not be eligible for express shipping. You will be notified if the item you ordered cannot be shipped express. If you need to know the exact charges for factory shipment and special handling to your destination, please contact us for details.

If you have ordered with us before

We will get the order produced and packed and then let you know the total cost including shipping.

Payment Options

T/T payment
Letter of credit

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Stainless Steel sauté pans

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Stainless steel woks

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